Monday, 12 November 2012

How to Sniff WhatsApp Messenger Messages over Wifi with WhatsAppSniffer

WhatsApp is a popular messenger service that can be said the mixture of SMS and Instant messaging service. This is was initially launched for iOS devices only but now available on most of the popular mobile platforms. It is quite popular among youths and you can easily find a person with smartphone using this app. Once installed on your phone, it detects all the person in your contact list using WhatsApp app and allows you to chat with them.

In this post, I came up with a hack for WhatsApp messenger. If you are in a wifi network, you can easily read conversation, being sent and received via WhatsApp in the same Wifi network. You can sniff whatsApp data with an Android device by using an app. For this, you need to download and install WhatsAppSniffer in your Android device. This app shows how whatsapp is vulnerable to sniffing attack because all messages are being sent in plain text.

These are the main features of the app

  • You can only use this app on your rooted Android phone.

  • It sniffs conversation separated by phone numbers. So it is easy to read conversation by phone numbers.

  • It can read conversations outgoing and incoming to Android, iPhone and Nokia phones.

This sniffing app was initially available on Google Play Store. But it has been removed by Google after getting so many complaints.

Notice: You are using this trick and tool on your own risk. I will not be responsible for the damage you caused for your smartphone.

This action also falls under cyber crime catagrory. So you will be responsible for any thing illegal you will do with this trick.


  1. If you've IP networking basics and decent programming knowledge, you can do it. The method involves MAC spoofing.

  2. Hay everyone i just discover a working Whatsapp Hack, So just give it a try for yourself...